The Collective MacAvity

Writing by Cassiel C. MacAvity.
Visual and sound design by Alastor Donaldson-MacAvity.
Costuming by Edgar Scott Smitherum.
Cinematography, direction, and editing by Temujin Felix MacAvity.
Hachiro-Octavian Petard, Producer.

The Ultimate Loudspeaker:
Making any movie, any way, any time.

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The Collective MacAvity School Of Making Movies

Currently the Collective isn't there, but can be reached when you leave a message.

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Project Update Announcements done occasionally, sometimes Very occasionally.

Some short animated movies;

The Story of Grandfather's Old Ram
Juniors And Heavies
Zombies, Vampires and Werewolves, and Dragons
The Powerful, The Weak, And The Deluded

are due out a little bit after we dig through a good deal of additional documentation in our occasional and intermittent bits of unscheduled time, and don't run into too many or any computerized and additional scheduling variations on Murphy's Law.

Screenplay samples

Every Little Hurricane
by Sherman Alexie, from his book The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight In Heaven.
A first draft screenplay adaptation by Cassiel C. MacAvity.

The Killing Joke
by Alan Moore, Brian Bolland, and John Higgins.
A first draft screenplay adaptation by Cassiel C. MacAvity.

Golf in the Kingdom: The First Game
by Michael Murphy.
A first draft screenplay adaptation by Cassiel C. MacAvity

Protector: Phssthpok, Interlude, and Introducing Vandervecken
by Larry Niven.
A first draft screenplay adaptation by Cassiel C. MacAvity

Starship Troopers: Chapter Eight
by Robert Heinlein.
A first draft screenplay adaptation by Cassiel C. MacAvity

The Hunt For Red October: The First Four Days
by Tom Clancy.
A first draft screenplay adaptation by Cassiel C. MacAvity


The Collective MacAvity School Of Making Movies

"The movie version (of The Hunt For Red October) is now in preproduction while the screenwriters try . . . to figure out how to put sex scenes into the resolutely all-male story."

The Ruling Class: "But is it funny?"

Win a prize if you say the secret word in an expositional treatise of a study of noted observatory principles of central Marxist thought . . .

Admired work by others

The Box actually has a story that takes the software and expands out, albeit the story origin comes from the Unreal Tournament game . . . . "The Box (Unreal Tournament 3 Machinima) This machinima short is about an old out of date action man who is alittle uncertain about his own future."

The Plan "A toy with a play Unreal. UT-Monster and Actionman-Suit go head to head for the right to invade the house and get on the computer. Created by John Beswick."

UDK Mass Physics To quote the creator of this, "Mass physics demonstration I rendered in the UDK, simulating 25,000 barrels stacked around a pillar 15,000 feet high, and then group by group falling to the ground. I accomplished this by using the UDK to construct the setup and then running the benchmark shortcut command to render the scene."

Epic Physics - UDK 100,000 This one doesn't have much of a description, aside from being 100,000 bricks dancing as if they were sprays of water.

Two versions of the "Tears In Rain" speech from Ridley Scott's Bladerunner are at and, were done with Valve's Source Filmmaker, and are examples of synching movement to dialogue.

Falling Water In UDK To quote the creator of this, "This is a Work in Progress of the famous villa "Falling Water" by Architect Frank Lloyd Wright."

UDK FaceFX cinematic Ishi/Carth and Huntress/Bastila banter To quote the creator of this, "This is my first UDK FaceFX cinematic test . . . all copyrights belong to their respective owners, I just did a test to see how it looks"

Search result of UDK on Youtube . . . Exactly as stated.

Also . . .Search result of cryengine on Youtube . . . Exactly as stated, showcasing an additional alternate software package, CryEngine 3.

CryEngine 3 SDK Demo Environment: "Forest" [HIGH Settings] [30+ FPS] [1080p To quote the creator of this, "Crytek did some excellent work on the example environment that comes with the free CryEngine 3 SDK. I recorded some 30FPS 1080p footage on all high settings using an i7 960 and an EVGA GTX 580 3GB."

CryEngine 3 Sandbox for Cinema.flv "CryEngine 3 Sandbox for Cinema"---Note; "Sandbox" being a term for a secure online working environment, where the contents can go awry without affecting the rest of the hosting computer or network.

Encouragement accepted here:

The Collective MacAvity's particular interest is telling many of a variety of stories and playing with imagery, and doing so with the greatest of elegance: As elsewhere, elegance in making movies is doing so to make each movie as the ultimate movie in the best, fastest, and least expensive manner and then quickly move on to the next project. Thus, particularly, the choice of computer animated filmmaking. The choice of platform is The Unreal Engine, with a 3D modeling program such as Maya for custom characters and sets. These choices permit work on projects that would be increasingly and pointlessly complex if tried with standard video, costumes, permits, makeup, rehearsals, large scale CGI, weather, insurance, Etc., Etc..

Of one project idea, we've cheerfully volunteered to make a feature film apiece for each play by William Shakespeare. Another playwright of interest is Chikamatsu Monzaemon, as well as a number of more contemporary authors. And there are a number of original projects we are contemplating as well.

Of all of these, while we appreciate the wit of Nero Wolfe and the skill of The Destroyer, we do currently lack the gold mines available to Doc Savage, or any advantages found in a time turner.

While we do have some tools, some references, and some time, with the ideal tools, references, and greater time, we expect to complete rather much more, much sooner.

What we particularly plan to get and use, when we can arrange such is;
---Details and resources for sound engineering.
---The most elegant achievements in other assorted areas as we find out what each such need turns out to be.

We thank our supporters very much for any assistance rendered.

Cassiel C. MacAvity

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